A lesson you learned from your school days which you might have forgotten…

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Without any doubt, you have to put your best effort and score good marks.  But if you can’t get it right for the first time it doesn’t mean that your world is over.  You will always have more than one chance to get things right.  If you take your second chance sincerely, you will definitely succeed. 

Sounds pretty simple, huh??   Life is like that after all..!

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Perfect Excuse…

June 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I always look for perfect excuse for doing things, to read some books, to learn some programming language or to learn some new technology.  Because if I am not clear about why I am doing certain thing, then it will only end up in waste of effort.

So to overcome this I started practicing this simple technique, Whenever I tempted to learn some new technology or some programming language, I will always ask myself 5 reasons why I should do this. If I could come up with 5 reasons within reasonable amount of time I will go ahead and do that thing.

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Does selling your software product cheap hold any real competitive advantage ?

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The answer is No. Here are some of the simple reasons why your low-price model won’t workout.

  1. When it comes to software product, most customers will look for quality of the product than its price. Because most people won’t mind spending few extra bucks than purchasing low-priced product with known set of limitations.
  2. Your product price is probably the best tool to assure your prospect that your product is really amazing and can do awesome job flawlessly.
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Successful peoples reinvents themselves…

June 8, 2011 Leave a comment

No one is born genius…  It’s no one’s birth right or is not something to do with DNA/RNA.  One of the main key to success exists in self-realization that is realizing your personal strengths and weakness.    Every attempt you made to overcome your weakness will gradually change your identity and earn you more respect…   Nothing is too late and so don’t afraid to reinvent yourself…

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What will happen if you are reluctant to die ?

June 3, 2011 Leave a comment

The answer is quite simple,  “You will not die”.  If you don’t believe my words, ask a dead man.

Similarly, What will happen if you don’t give up ?  “You won’t fail”.  Sounds simple, huh..?  So starting from today, try this simple principle.

-Live the life.

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It’s perfectly OK, you don’t have to invent ROCKET Engine again !

January 20, 2011 Leave a comment

OK, So you are getting frustrated more often than ever before and you think that you could change the world and the only thing missing is one really cool idea. Fine..!!

Now comes the next step,  you will start searching for such a unique idea which no one had ever attempted on this planet.  You will search for days, months and years for such ideas and if you end up with such a cool idea,  Great you could be next Einstein or Steve Jobs…

But for those who can’t able to come up with such a really cool idea.  Don’t worry!! We have a short-cut..  whoa !!

So how ???.  Try to find the fault in any successfully executed ideas of your interest. If you are smart enough you will soon find several problems, then try to build your own solution which solves all those problems. 

If you can’t find any problems, then don’t worry simply use the existing thing happily and be proud of yourself that at least you have good intention to help the humanity.

If you are really serious, then go ahead and watch this video.

Steven Johnson – Where does good ideas come from

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Myths and Realities of Design Patterns

January 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Lately,  I’ve been hearing developers saying that,  you should have strictly followed the design patterns for this project or people debating over each other on which on should we have to use,  Is it “Abstract Factory” or “Builder” pattern ?

Hence we now have 2 groups of developers,  first group considers that strictly following design pattern would solve all his problem and will save the world from the monsters. we have another group of developers who have no clue on basic building blocks of software design.

Finally, we have one another exceptional group of developers, who firmly believes that earth will stop its rotation by 2012 and thinks he could build software as he wish or following the principles taught by his grandma or by his nutty professor!

Having said all these here are few of the common myths and realities of design patterns.

1. One size doesn’t fit all

Design patterns are nothing but a learned experience and new patterns will always emerge as developers keep pushing the boundaries of software engineering.  What worked for them may not work for you sadly !

2. Design patterns can speed up development process

Yes, this is true to some extent,  but again it purely depends on problem you are trying to solve and you should not think of design patterns as a ready-made solution.

3. Design patterns often comes with a price

You might wanted a banana but what you finally got was gorilla holding the banana and the entire jungle.  Hence review the advantages and disadvantages of design pattern carefully when you choose them.


Getting the software design correct might look like a tough task,  but once you have a solid understanding of software design principles and the problem space which your software is going to address, it will no longer be a problem.   Also in my opinion it is ok to follow the design pattern as long as you are able to understand the pros and cons of that particular pattern.